Natalie Gauci

Natalie Gauci
Birth name
Natalie Gauci
26 November 1981
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Jack & Joy ft Natalie Gauci – We Are The Stars (and several other upcoming projects).

Natalie Gauci was born on 26 November 1981 and grew up in Melbourne. Her father was born in Malta and her mother is Italian. Gauci is the eldest child with two siblings. In August 1996 Gauci acted as ‘ORCA Girl’ on Australian science fiction TV series, Ocean Girl, Season 3, Episode 3, “Draining the Spaceship”. From the age of 17, she began writing songs. She performed as a session musician, and in 2005 began writing and producing her debut extended play, Take It or Leave It which was released the following year.
In 2007 Natalie Gauci auditioned in Melbourne for the fifth series of TV talent competition, Australian Idol.[3] She performed an original song, “Free Falling”, co-written by Gauci with James Kempster; and a rendition of Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive”. Judges, Ian Dickson and Mark Holden, were impressed by Gauci’s latter performance, with Dickson commenting “I think you can win this competition”. On 25 November 2007, Gauci was declared the winner of Australian Idol 2007. She became the first contestant to progress to the top 12 through a judges’ lifeline and then win the competition.
In 2010 Gauci formed Tune in Tokyo, an electro-pop and dance music band, with producer Paul Brandoli. As the group’s lead singer, Gauci’s look and sound had changed. During early 2012 Gauci toured Europe including Spain, Belgium, Italy, The Netherlands and Germany before settling in Sweden. On 20 November an Italian duo of DJ-producers, Jack & Joy (aka Max Bondino and Luca Loi) issued their single, “We Are the Stars” featuring Gauci, on Adaptor Recordings. In July, Gauci finally released her second studio album, a jazz effort, Ha Ha Ha, on The Gauch Records. On 3 September she released an alternative-electronic EP, Elektrik Field. In 2011 Gauci travelled to Europe, where she worked with producers and DJ’s, by August 2012 she had moved to London where she continued her recording and teaching music careers.

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