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[singlepic id=144 w=320 h=240 float=left]Ad un anno di distanza da “Til the Morning Comes” (prima release dell’Adaptor Recordings), Inaya Day torna al “Made in Italy” per poi fare il giro del mondo. Dalla collaborazione con Menini & Viani uscirĂ  il 12 Luglio, su CD, “Sweet Lover” della quale abbiamo realizzato la nostra “Jack & Joy Anthem“. Tutta la straordinaria potenza della voce di Inaya e i nostri suoni, in anteprima, cliccando nel player sottostante.
One year after “Till the mornig comes” release (first Adaptor‘s record), Inaya Day makes her comeback “in Italy”, on the same label, with a new amazing track destined to hit the clubs worldwide. “Sweet Lover“, born from the collaboration with Menini & Viani, will come out on CD on July 12th. Of the same tune we’ve realized our “Jack & Joy Anthem” which put together the powerful and gorgeous Inaya’s voice and our sounds. You can find both of them in the preview that you can listen clicking on the player below.

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July 7th, 2011

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